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Extra high-capacity Battery #523

    If you are working in a remote location or need spare batteries, then just order as many from any of our suppliers.
    These batteries are as powerful as the ones supplied with the tool. A full battery charge delivers up to 900 operating cycles or 1.5 hours of uninterrupted run time. The high-capacity battery can be used with all models except GRABO H.

    Foam-Rubber seal #522

      With continuous usages the seals wear out. When the GRABO seal finally wears out, the lifting capacity diminishes. In this case you can replace the worn seal by hand within seconds.
      You can use the spare one supplied with the kit. Alternatively you can buy as many from any of the distributors or retailers. This patented high friction foam-rubber seal fits all GRABO models.

      RockSeal™ #524

        RockSeal™ is a new seal system that fits all GRABO models, including Nemo GRABO, GRABO Pro lifter-20, RTC tools GRABO, FXAH-120 Probst GRABO, Topspin Powertools GRABO and other co-branded units.

        This patented seal is designed specifically for extremely rough stone & rock surfaces with up to 10 mm surface profile
        The seal will be available soon with all partner distributors and retailers.
        Coming Soon!