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Our clamps are made by BSV in Denmark. They have been making clamps for 110 years and your operators will fight for the truck that's equipped with the BSV.

All clamps protect the product with rubber contact pads for safe and easy loading and offloading. All clamps are gravity controlled – they open when rested and close when lifted.

We can supply custom clamp solutions if you require a clamp or grab not shown. Many other sizes and configurations are available by special order. Be sure to describe your needs to your salesman as not all clamps are suitable for fork-truck use.

Scissor Clamp BSV Multi 760/50Z

The width of this clamp can be adjusted from 15.75″ to 42″. A maximum safe working load of 3,300 lbs, the scissor clamp is extremely versatile and ideal for heavy-duty multi-purpose use. Pictured with optional fork yoke.


DescriptionShipping WeightAdjustable
660 lbs. Height/Span
Height/Span CapabilitiesOverall DimensionsSafe Lifting Load
H [7″–20″]
S [15.75″–42.13″]
50″ x 47″ x 45″ 3300 lbs.

Yoke for BSV Multi 760/50Z

For those occasions that you need to use the fork lift.

Shipping Weight 100 lbs.
Safe Lifting Load 3300 lbs.

Replacement Pads

The BSV Multi 760/50 has modular, section rubber pads for easy and inexpensive replacement.


Pallet Fork Model BSV PG100/25B2 – Self-Balancing

scissor clamp 10 38

This model has a spring-loaded head so that the fork always remains horizontal, loaded or unloaded.


DescriptionShipping WeightAdjustable
BSV PG100/25B2 –
Self Balanced
330 lbs. Yes
Height/Span CapabilitiesOverall DimensionsSafe Lifting Load
H [4′–6′]
S [16″–37.5″]
4″ x 2″
3850 lbs.

BSV 32/38

For moving the heavier stuff. The 32/38 will safely lift loads from 32″ to 38″ and up to 4070 lbs. This clamp will perform.

Scissor Clamp – #ET 10-38/700

scissor clamp 10 38

A lightweight clamp suitable for lifting curbs and other narrow stones. Lifts from 4″ to 15″ at a maximum safe working load of 1540lbs.


DescriptionShipping WeightAdjustable
ET 10-38/700 CURB
120 lbs. No
Height/Span CapabilitiesOverall DimensionsSafe Lifting Load
H 8″
W [4″–15″]
31″ x 23.5″ x 25.5″ 1550 lbs.

1002 Sections Clamp

With the versatile lifting range of 9″–42″ and a safe working load of 1600 lbs., this clamp is capable of picking up 1-2 sections of pavers at a time. The 1002 is perfect for separating cubes of pavers and handling materials on site. With Fork Yoke Attachment.

Fork Yoke for 1002

Made in Canada.

Jed Clamp It

scissor clamp 10 38

Lifts up to 900 lbs. 4" - 22" Max Width

Lifts up to 2400 lbs. 8" - 32" Max Width

Lifts up to 3000 lbs. 12" - 42" Max Width



Eliminate finger smashing, back breaking, time consuming and work-related injuries using the new TREADSETTER.

The Treadsetter is designed to handle various step treads from 12″–35″ in depth – up to 4″ in width and with a 6″–8″ rise.

This new product is easily adjusted to tread width and balance. The tool has pivot-style urethane ends to reduce slippage and protect the stone, as well as servicing other applications in various weather conditions.

Two size and weight capacities:

600T 600 lb Treadsetter 12″–25″ in width
1200T 1200 lb Treadsetter 20″–35″ in width

Ideal for Rosetta Stone.


• Max weight: 330 lbs. Detachable for Bobcat
• Galvanized - non-rusting
• 7 year Warranty not including pads
• Range: 19.5” - 43” Weight: 25 lbs

A016 Montolit Curb Clamp (R)

  • Mechanical or hand-lifter.
  • 3.15″–7″ 440lb capacity.